The Stop ACEs Committee is a multi-agency community partnership that is working together to develop and utilize a community wide intervention plan to reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the negative effects they have on mental and physical health over the lifespan.

Our work is based on the findings from the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study, which is an ongoing study with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Kaiser Permanente Health Appraisal Clinic. The ACE study is one of the largest scientific studies that has ever been conducted and it focuses on researching the link between 9 different categories (including childhood abuse, neglect, household dysfunction) and their link to negative physical, behavioral, and mental health consequences later in life (See The ACE Study).

The ACE Study clearly shows how the negative effects of abuse and neglect in childhood can severely hinder an individual’s mental and physical health over a lifetime. By doing so, a large amount of private and public financial resources may be necessary for his or her care. By bringing public attention to this matter, along with the necessary community supports to help individuals that may be affected by ACEs, we hope to prevent ACEs, reduce their physical and mental health impact, enhance health and quality of life in adulthood, save vital financial resources, and create a healthier community.

Summary of Activities 2010